A Cat on the Moon contains seventeen dark yet beautiful tales about complicated love, loneliness, and solitude. In these stories Anton Kurnia also tells about infamy in various places—from Aceh in Indonesia to Argentina: missing persons, forgotten massacre, political killings, rape and violence, religious conflict. Kurnia’s narrators are grappling with their own private quests while living in the margins, on the edges, in constant flight from nightmarish threats. The world Kurnia has created is, like Kafka’s, perfectly logical in its strangeness. His stories often witty, frequently melancholy, and sneakily touching. His unique voices will give you different views and experiences about Indonesia, its people, and its rich culture.

Anton Kurnia has depth and clarity in his short stories.“—Pikiran Rakyat Daily

“Time becomes upside down in Anton Kurnia’s short story … It’s very interesting.”—Indonesian Short-story Journal

Note: Arabic rights sold.

Author: Anton Kurnia
Category: Short Stories
Language: English, Indonesian
Rights Sold: Arabic, Spanish
Page: 120 pages
Dimension: 15.5 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9789793684000
Publisher: Jalasutra
First Publication: 2004
Latest Publication: 2008
Foreign rights licensing represented by Borobudur Agency