At home, I call my granny, Eyang, and this is a story about her: how she likes to sing, counts dishes, screams when the light goes off, and of how she acts like my little brother. I often don’t understand why she does all those things. Mom says, Eyang is just like me, special in our own little way.
Special in our own little way?
What does that mean? I’m on my way to find out. Would you like to join my search?
This story was written to celebrate differences and uniqueness within a family, whose members have special needs.

By Referika Rahmi | Illustrator: Rassi Narika
Category: Picture Book
Language: Indonesian, English
Rights: Available
Page: 30 pages
Dimension: 20.5 x 25.5 cm
Publisher: Seumpama, 2018
Represented by Borobudur Agency