The first-ever novel by a Papuan author tells a story of generosity, greed, and resilience from the friendship of Andevavait, a tide-pool blenny; Bohurai, a greedy toad-fish; and Anggereai, an observant striped-crab, as they adventure amongst tidal rock-pools and upon the shore. In this ecological parable, John Waromi explicates the effects of “harvesting the storm”—how we are destined to reap the results of our actions after everything has progressed beyond our control. He sheds light on not only the ecology of the southern Papuan coast but also the lives of its people and their culture that has always managed to sustain natural diversity and to maintain a balance with nature over the centuries.

By John Waromi
Category: Novel
Language: English, Indonesian
Rights Sold: Arabic
Page: 196 pages
Dimension: 16.5×22.5 cm
ISBN: 9786029144352
Publisher: The Lontar Foundation