Mr. Raja, the founder of Indonesia’s largest clove cigarette empire Djagad Raja Cigarettes, was dying. And with his final breath, he whispered an unfamiliar name, a woman’s name: Jeng Yah. His three sons, the heirs of Djagad Raja Cigarettes, could not believe their ears while his wife was left burning with jealousy. In a race against death, the three brothers combed through remote areas of Java looking for Jeng Yah. They reached back to the past to learn about their family business and their family secrets. This was how they discovered, one, what had to be done to make Djagad Raja Cigarette the biggest cigarette company in Indonesia. And, two, about their father’s love story with Jeng Yah, the owner of Gadis Cigarettes, a local company that was once popular in M City. Yet one question remained. Would they ever be able to find Jeng Yah?

By Ratih Kumala
Category: Novel
Language: English, Indonesian
Rights Sold: German, English, Arabic
Page: 288 pages
Dimension: 21 x 14 cm
ISBN: 9789792281415
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama