Kei tells the stories of those who suffered from the inexplicable religious conflicts during the last years of Soeharto’s regime. Namira, a Moslem, lived on Kei Kecil Island when fighting broke out. She lost both her parents and must flee. Sala, a young Protestant, left his home after his mother’s murder. He met Namira at a refugee camp, and he two fell in love before being separated by the continuing violence. Centuries of coexisting traditions must prevail for peace to return to this war-torn island. But would that be enough for Namira and Sala to save themselves and their relationship?

By Erni Aladjai
Category: Novel
Language: Indonesian
Rights Sold: English
Page: 226 pages
Dimension: 14 x 21.5 cm
ISBN: 9780983627364
Publisher: Gagas Media