Doctor Dewi is a stooge of foreign corporations. Having personal interest in supplying products of genetic engineering from abroad, she creates a transgenic animal to spread a virus: the Bird Boar. Since the appearance of this strange creature, an area of dairy farm where Lanang works is suddenly affected by what appears to be an occult disease. Thousands of cattle have died. The locals are in an uproar.

Together with the government and the public, Lanang, an intelligent, obsessive, and melancholy man, gets busy figuring out what is causing the deaths of cattle. Seminars and research studies are conducted, but the mysterious disease is not identified yet. The scientific effort then deadlocks. Then, the rumor spreads from a shaman that the culprit behind the decimation of the cattle population is the Bird Boar, a genetically modified creature. The ensuing polemic pitting mysticism against modern biotechnology complicates the situation. Will Doctor Dewi’s project run smoothly?

Written beautifully in a thriller style, the plot is particularly suspenseful. The personality of the characters is complex, as well as full of intrigue. With its conspiracy approach; this piece of work is a critical reading for those who are interested in sociology, psychology, biotechnology, and the poltical issues emerging in the health sector.

Author: Yonathan Rahardjo
Publisher: Pustaka Alvabet
First Publication: 2008
Latest Publication:
Pages: 440 pp.
Dimension: 12,5 x 20 cm
ISBN: 978-979-3064-59-8