Love Song of The Sinners is a collection of 46 poems from a span of approximately 10 years. The themes of the poetry range from the general preoccupations of human beings, such as love, friendship, existence, the stuggle of life, memories, and alienation, to questions reflecting the peculiarities of the various regions of Indonesia: Indonesia: local myths, traditions, folklore, regional sagas, and so on.

In addition to the diversity of themes, the poet also uses various styles of writing, even experimenting with writing styles that can be considered quite new in the arena of poetry (especially in Indonesia). In short, the development of Indonesian contemporary poetry today can be seen from the poems collected in this book.

“With reasonable poetical and earthy weapons, Zaim Rofiqi’s work is a verdict against time that has taken everything away. His poetry is a memoir of the journey of loss, and the insistence on saving the traces, echoes, and shadows.”
—Arif Bagus Prasetyo, Poet

Author: Zaim Rofiqi
Publisher: Pustaka Alvabet
First Publication: 2009
Latest Publication:
Pages: 116 pp.
Dimension: 11,5×18 cm
ISBN: 978-979-3064-77-2