Little Na Willa lived in a house with pine trees in its yard in Surabaya. She spent her days running after trains together with her friend Dul (even though she was always left behind), going to the market with Mother, and thinking about how people can sing songs on the radio.

This book contains Na Willa’s notes about the world as seen from her eyes during a time when Lilis Suryani’s sultry voice streamed from the radio and when people beat mattresses with rattan to get rid of the dust.

By Reda Gaudiamo | Illustrator: Cecelia Hidayat
Category: Young Adult
Language: Indonesian, English
Rights Sold: English (UK)
Page: 125 pages
Dimension: 13 x 19 cm
ISBN: 9786020334547
Publisher: POST Press, 2018
Foreign rights licensing represented by Borobudur Agency