In a forest, four little proboscis were having fun playing hide and seek. Mother proboscis reminded her children to keep practising on leaping and tumbling. She wanted them to be a specialist in somersault. So, she threatened her children that she wouldn’t make dinner if they still played. One day, there was a hunter walking around the forest. He shot four times at the little proboscis. Mother proboscis thought her children were killed. She was so sad and began to cried aloud. Suddenly, her children came out from a far tree. Mother proboscis was surprised. She was happy because her beloved children were safe and already became a specialist in somersault.

Author: Debora Toety Maklis
Publisher: PT BPK Gunung Mulia
First Publication: 2011
Latest Publication: 2011
Pages: 34 pp.
Dimension: 16.5×19 cm
ISBN: 978-979-687-492-7