When It Rains is a story of a girl named Kira and her adventure with her
friends in the rain. Kira was always sad every time it rains, but this wet rainy day, her friends took her to a different world. Here, Kira made new friends, explored different parts of her city, survived the danger of lightning, and finally found warmth at the end of a rainy day.
When It Rains is a story of exploration that encourages us to discover new perspectives in our everyday life. Remember, unfavorable situations are the starting point of a great adventure.

By Rassi Narika
Category: Picture Book
Language: Indonesian, English
Rights Sold: English (UK)
Page: 30 pages
Dimension: 20.5 x 25.5 cm
Publisher: Seumpama, 2015
Represented by Borobudur Agency