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From the Amazon’s bestselling author and activist Denny Januar Ali, a story based on true events:

Fang Yin was just a regular teenage girl, madly in love with her boyfriend Kho and enjoying life in Jakarta. Then her innocent life in Indonesia fell apart, when she was swept up in anti-Chinese riots that led to her brutal gang rape.
Abandoned by Kho, exiled to America, Fang Yin becomes consumed with bitterness and anger toward her native land and her fate. All that she has left is the handkerchief Kho gave her to dry her tears. Can she find peace within herself, and love for her country again?
Fang Yin’s Handkerchief is a moving masterpiece of pain and redemption, in the form of a revolutionary new genre pioneered by Denny Januar Ali. Known as the “poem essay”, it combines the imaginative power of poetry with the academic structure and footnotes of an essay. With visceral illustrations by Sustanto, Fang Yin’s Handkerchief beautifully captures a harrowing time in Indonesia’s past while inspiring hope for a better future.

Poem Essay by Denny J.A.
English Translation by Nikmah Sarjono
Illustrations by Sustanto
108 pages
Publisher: Inspirasi.co2015
ISBN: 978-602-72581-8-1
Print rights available
eBook rights available, except for English and German